Hating the Resting Period

After a long day of work most people cannot wait to get home and rest because of all the tiring activities they were doing during the day. The first thing that such a person would do is throw himself on the couch before he can even think about taking a shower or perhaps having something to eat but unfortunately that is not the case with people who have a restless leg.
Restless leg is caused by a neurological disorder. The person’s leg becomes painful especially when the person is starting or trying to rest.  A person with a restless leg experience unpleasant sensations in the leg and sometimes with an accompanying itchiness which interferes with sleeping.
Restless leg causes an a person to constantly move the affected leg as this lessens the pain the person is feeling and that moment and thus providing temporary relief to the leg. The movement is irresistible and urge which is why this condition was named the restless leg. The pain is usually worse during the early evening and at night.

The Demand to Keep Moving

Because moving the legs relieves the pain and discomfort, people with a restless leg always keep their legs moving even when their whole body is at rest in order to minimize sensations. They may pace the floor, constantly move the affected leg while sitting or toss and turn in bed. They try to keep as much time as possible working because at least then they do not or slightly feel the pain. However, even then when the person with a restless leg has overworked herself it does not count on her favor because even tiredness does not defeat the pain and cannot put her peacefully sleep as restless leg plays its unneeded role whenever she sits or lies down. Other situations that prompt these painful sensations are periods of inactivity such as long car trips, sitting in a movie theater, long-distance flights or relaxation exercises.

Restless Leg  Syndrome Over Time
Restless leg usually begins slowly and through the passage of time develops to a serious restless leg syndrome. Restless legs syndrome often come with burning, creeping or jerking sensations and often a person would feel as if there is an insect crawling inside the leg.
Often people experience the sensations over a period of weeks or months and then get diagnosed for restless leg syndrome. However, some people experience these spontaneous improvements of restless leg syndrome over a period of years but it is very rare as restless leg is characterized by developing over a short period of time and it is usually during the early stages of the disorder.

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