A Look At Natural Cures For Restless Leg Syndrome

There’s still a lot we don’t know about restless leg syndrome. We don’t know why some people get it and why they don’t. There might be a gene that makes you predisposed to getting it, but that still wouldn’t act as a good diagnostic test. There are some theories that restless leg syndrome might be the result of a variety of factors coming into play. More and more, people are looking for nonprescription restless leg cures.

Iron Deficiency

A simple blood test can tell whether or not you have iron deficiency. Not everyone with restless leg syndrome will also have iron deficiency, but many times people do. If you have restless leg syndrome and iron deficiency, then a daily iron supplement may be the best of natural cures for restless leg syndrome for you.

Hot And Cold Packs

Some people can get great relief from the age-old home remedy of making a cold or a hot pack for the sorest spots on the legs. Sometimes this natural remedy for restless leg syndrome is given the fancy name of hydrotherapy. You have to experiment with hot and cold packs to see which works best for you. The good news is that there aren’t any known bad side effects with hot or cold packs. You do want to put the pack directly onto your skin, as you can get a nasty burn (even from an ice pack).

Lifestyle Changes

Fr the most part, lifestyle changes are the most effective of natural cures for restless leg syndrome. You may even find that combining the lifestyle changes with hot and cold packs, a test for iron deficiency and a judicious use of over the counter painkillers can make the other natural cures for restless leg syndrome more effective.

The fortunate thing about theses lifestyle changes is that they can help with many other areas of your health and won’t just act as natural cures for restless leg syndrome. They will also help your heart, lungs, circulation, immune system and energy levels, for a start. You have to quit smoking or hanging around areas thick with tobacco smoke. You have to cut back on caffeinated beverages or alcoholic beverages.

You also have to exercise regularly and manage your stress without the use of chemicals. All of these combined can help get you regular and more refreshing sleep as well as calm your restless legs down. However, these are all easier said than done. You need the help of your doctor to hit on the right lifestyle change plan for you.