Mirapex Is The New Drug For Restless Leg Syndrome

The last time that a new drug for restless leg syndrome came into the market, was about two years ago, and the drug was called Mirapex. It was earlier used to treat Parkinson’s disease and was later approved by the FDA to treat restless leg syndrome. It is possible to treat moderate to severe stages of the disease with this new drug for restless leg syndrome.

In some people restless leg syndrome is a primary condition, which implies that it is not dependent on another health factor. For some, it may be a secondary condition, in which case it may be linked to pregnancy, iron deficiency or renal failure. The studies that were conducted to test the new drug excluded the cases where restless leg syndrome was a secondary condition.

The studies proved that there was a marked improvement in the people who received Mirapex, but certain common side effects like nausea, headache and vomiting were reported. Sleepiness, fainting and low blood pressure were also some of the side effects of the new drug for restless leg syndrome.

How It Works

The new drug for restless leg syndrome reduces the amount of motion in your legs. This is made possible by affecting the level of the chemical messenger dopamine in the brain. Sometimes it takes several trials for you and your doctor to decide on the right medication and dosage that is best for you. Most of the time a combination of medications works well.

It is important to remember that even with the new drug for restless leg syndrome, a medication that has worked for you may become ineffective after a while. This can happen when you notice your symptoms returning earlier in the day. For example, if you were taking the new drug for restless leg syndrome at 6 in the evening, your symptoms of restless leg syndrome start two hours earlier. This is called augmentation. In such cases, the doctor has to change to a new medication for restless leg syndrome or increase the dosage in order to solve the problem.

Additional Medication

In addition to the new drug for restless leg syndrome Mirapex, the patient receives opioids as well as muscle relaxants and sleep medications. Opioids are narcotic medications and can relieve restless leg syndrome symptoms, but they may be addictive especially if the dosage is high. The sleep medications merely help you to sleep better at night and the muscle relaxants do not help in eliminating the leg sensations, in fact they may cause drowsiness during the day.

Lifestyle Changes

Even though Mirapex has been very successful with most patients, they have been advised to make simple lifestyle changes in order to diminish the symptoms of the restless leg syndrome. In addition to the new drug for restless leg syndrome patients are advised to try baths and massages, apply warm or cool packs and try relaxation techniques such as meditation and yoga.