Restless Leg Syndrome Drug For Mild And Severe Cases

The drug Requip has been approved by the FDA as the best restless leg syndrome drug. It can treat all phases of the disease, from moderate to severe. The drug is also used to treat Parkinson’s disease.


Various studies were carried out before it was proved that Requip is the most effective restless leg syndrome drug. The studies were carried out on patients who had the primary form of the disease, and the different aspects of the disease were studied carefully. These included severity of muscle movement and discomfort, sleep disturbance, mood, overall effect on quality of life and the improvement of the patient after treatment. It was noticed that there was a marked difference between the treatment group which received Requip and the group which did not.

Of course there is a restless leg syndrome medication side effect, and Requip is no exception. It has a sedating effect and hence the person can fall asleep anywhere at any time. Fainting or low blood pressure are complaints of patients using the restless leg syndrome drug Requip.


The first restless leg syndrome drug which has been granted a European license is the new drug Mirapexin. It is also used for the treatment of moderate or severe cases. At the moment there are no other medications which have been licensed for treatment of restless legs syndrome in the UK.

Actually there is no known cure for restless leg syndrome. With the help of drugs it is possible to reduce stress and relax the muscles. Besides, the patient can take warm baths, gentle stretching exercise, massage or similar techniques. Low doses of Requip or Mirapexin can help in controlling the symptoms in some people. Since sleep is disrupted severely in most cases, tranquilizers are often used, but they may cause daytime sleepiness. Along with the restless leg syndrome drug, if the patient suffers from any other deficiency, immediate treatment is given for that as well. For example, if a patient has iron deficiency, he receives iron supplements.

Restless leg syndrome is a disease with diffuse symptoms, and the physicians are debating among themselves whether it is a distinct syndrome. In UK the disease is also known as Ekbom’s syndrome, as the two names are for the same condition. Some doctors in the UK are of the opinion that the manufacturers of drugs have exaggerated the incidence of the disease, whereas others are of the opinion that it is an underrecognized and undertreated disorder.