Restless Leg Syndrome Home Treatment For You To Try

Restless leg syndrome is a condition that affects the legs. There are some rare cases of this condition affecting the torso and the arms but it is usually focused on the legs of the individual. This condition manifests itself when the individual’s legs are at rest. The person with restless leg syndrome will feel an uncanny feeling of restlessness, pinching, straining or any uncomfortable sensation which drives the person to move his or her legs. Before one starts any kind of restless leg syndrome home treatment, it is best to see if you have some restless leg syndrome symptom to speak of.

There are many different treatment methods for restless leg syndrome, many of which are based on traditional medicine. There are also some restless leg syndrome home treatment methods that may be worth a shot for some people. These restless leg syndrome home treatment methods are usually simple solutions or remedies to the condition that may or may not affect the condition. The efficiency of the restless leg syndrome home treatment can be dependent on the intensity of the sensation and how long the individual has been having the restless leg syndrome.

Immersion in Cold Or Warm Water

This restless leg syndrome home treatment may work wonders for many people. You can try out cold immersion first in a pail or basin and see how effective it is in driving away the crawly feeling that one experiences. Others may find that immersing their leg in warm water works better than cold as a restless leg syndrome home treatment. Make sure that you do not overdo the temperature of the water; icy cold may cause some nerve damage while water that is too hot can scald your leg.

Indulge the Sensation

Another restless leg syndrome home treatment method that may also have merit is to indulge the need to move you legs. Take a short walk around the block or exercise a little if you want. Dancing can be a relief for those with restless legs. As a restless leg syndrome home treatment, indulging the need for movement with exercise can release endorphins which make for a more relaxed body and peaceful sleep. If the sensations can be eased by just moving your legs a little while you are in bed, then do so until you get rid of the feeling.


Any studies show that a restless leg syndrome home treatment can be as easy as upping your iron intake. Other supplements that experts have found may have a hand in relieving the condition are potassium and magnesium. Aspirin may also have some effect in relieving the condition since this thins the blood and restless leg syndrome may have some connection to the veins and arteries in the body.