What You Need To Know About Herbal Remedy For Restless Leg Syndrome

It’s great that people are returning to the ancient and proven ways for healing, but the old ways are not necessarily the best ways to help treat some medical problems, including restless leg syndrome. A lot of money has been made over the years from makers of herbal remedies for restless leg syndrome and a lot of sleep has been lost. You can even find a body cream in mail order catalogues touted as an herbal remedy for restless leg syndrome. Do they work?

You Must See Your Doctor

For the most part, the only thing you can be sure an herbal remedy for restless leg syndrome will do is empty your wallet. This is mostly because they don’t get to the heart of the problem. In order to get help, you need to see your doctor. Although massage with any kind of body lotion can help your symptoms, you may have other problems that need addressing. Please don’t use this article as a substitute for your doctor’s diagnosis.

The Importance Of Regular Sleep

There is a definite relationship between too little or too much sleep and restless leg syndrome. But just how and why they often show up together is still currently unknown. Getting regular, quality sleep is also important for many other health reasons and not just for restless leg syndrome treatment. But getting regular sleep can often be cheaper and more effective than homeopathic remedies for restless leg syndrome or for the latest herbal remedy for restless leg syndrome formulation.

This is another reason that you need to see your doctor. You both can work together to determine why you’re not getting the right amount of sleep and what you can do to get the right amount of sleep. You may need to make major lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking, cutting back on caffeine and alcohol and not watching stimulating television right before going to bed.

Medication Side Effect?

There is one theory that restless leg syndrome comes about as a result of years of long term prescription drug use for chronic medical conditions. The body is thrown out of whack and doesn’t know which end is up. In this case, lifestyle changes might not be enough, although they can certainly give other health benefits.

Some people find relief from symptoms by doing a quick self-massage of the legs with an aromatherapy massage oil. This is a kind of herbal remedy for restless leg syndrome. The oils are usually from calming herbs such as lavender and chamomile.