Children With Restless Leg Syndrome

There are times that as a parent you get truly irritated with your kids tapping their fingers or their feet continuously. I know this from having done it myself; and now that as I have a teenage son, he does the same. Those are wee signs of temporary boredom. There is a big difference between restless leg syndrome and getting bored, or should I say visual sings of showing boredom publicly.
Besides the fact that children could also be going through growing pains, in their arms and legs and mind you any other part of their bodies, the could also be suffering from the restless leg syndrome, and that too could be nearly anywhere in the body. Medically it is referred to as R.L.S. Yes they have to give everything a name so you can at least know what you are dealing with.

It is all about the muscles in your body and them sort of having a personality of their own. The muscles under your skin can make you feel a variety of symptoms, even itchiness. I personally have not suffered from this, unless I was not aware of it at the time.
Dealing With It An Getting On

I am nearly sure that growing pains could be just as annoying to get as restless leg syndrome, especially in the middle of the night. Your bodily parts are literally restless, and you have the continuous need to keep moving them around. Hopefully you are sleeping in your own bed by now and don’t need to share it with anyone as only hell would know how the other person would be feeling in the morning, tired with you being so restless through the night. This restless leg syndrome does not only happen during the night when your muscles are trying to unwind and heal themselves like your brain does, but it happens during the day too.
You sit at work, turning this way and that, there is just no way of appeasing you, giving your muscles rest and satisfaction of being in the same position too long. I personally, just talking about this topic makes me prefer the growing pains, which is when your bodily parts feel as if they are dead and weigh a ton to move. This would only happen every now and again, so it in my opinion wouldn’t be as bad as the restless leg syndrome. child My poor husband would be kicked left, right and centre during the night, or we would have had separate beds by now, and what’s the use of that at my young age?